Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keep Me Warm

I did some thinking during January. I found out that I hesitate sewing at times, because I am not sure if the fabric is appropriate for the pattern. So, I took out some of my knits and draped them on my dress form to see if they would "talk" to me. Now, I know you know what I mean. First, I found that some fabric would be great for summer dresses. Others spoke clearly that they were to be a top of some sort. It was a fun time! I had fabric all over my sewing room floor. This little exercise gave the confidence to move ahead. One of those knits decided to become a turtleneck. I am always cold. This fabric was from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is thin which is OK because I wear a cuddly dud shirt underneath.
The neck part has a "soft fall" to it. I styled it with this denim vest that has a beige corduroy collar and brown pants.

Now, the pattern is old. It is not vintage, but it is from the early 90's. It is a booklet type pattern. The pattern pieces were stapled to the center. I am so glad I found it in my basement! I will be making another one!
While I rooting around in the basement, I also found some true vintage childrens patterns. I will get pictures of those soon.

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