Friday, July 18, 2014

Little Dresses for Nicaragua

I started these dresses with my 5th grades as a service project. The one problem is that it is hard to find parents who know how to sew and have a sewing machine. Most of the dresses got completed half way by the students. It really is fun spending some time one on one with each student teaching them how to sew! They love to tell you if they have sewed before, the projects they made and who in their family has a sewing machine.

The dresses are made from quilting cotton. I used S2383 as a guide, but there are tutorials on the web for pillow case dresses. As you can see the I enjoyed picking out cheerful and fun fabric for this project.  

My goal for the classroom is for students do something tangible that will help others. Many times we ask for donations for organizations, but they need to use their own hands to serve. My past students have also made burp cloths for a pregnancy center and lunches for a shelter.

My church was also making dresses all year long to send with the mission team. I know there will be a report from the team and I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the girls who received dresses! 
I am going to try to make a dress a month to be prepared for next year. There are needs everywhere for these dresses, so our church will continue to sew.

My daughter arrived home from Indonesia after serving there for two years with the Peace Corps. She taught English to middle school students. We are so proud of her service and glad to have her home! It was tense waiting to see her after her plane landed!! I don't think I have hugged someone so tightly!! We enjoyed vacationing with her and shopping (she left most of her clothes there or threw them away).Having someone so far away for so long has given me understanding and compassion for those who have family members serving in the armed forces. 
 I have been sewing some summer things and they will hit the blog soon!!! 
Again thank you for the comments!