Monday, December 27, 2010

Washington DC

After Thanksgiving, our family went to DC for the day. DD wanted to visit the National Gallery of Art and the Natural History Museum. We live about 45 minutes from DC, so we are fortunate to visit the wonderful historical treasures. The above picture is a foyer area of the National Gallery

This is a hallway that had marble sculptures. The sculptures were amazing. There was such intricate details craved into the marble pieces. I would just stand there and stare at the beauty.

This piece is a sculpture of the first African-American units of the Civil War. This is a bronze monument by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. You can see the depth of this piece. The detail again is amazing. I sat in that room for some time just looking at this piece.

Now this is the foyer area of the Natural History Museum. The museum was closed for a while to be refurbished. The grand elephant is what you see when you enter the museum. There is sooo much to see. Since we live close, I have visited the museum for field trips with my children. We got to see the Hope Diamond and all the many beautiful gem pieces. I also saw the largest octopus!!
If you have a chance to visit DC plan to spend some time in the museums.

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