Monday, October 22, 2012

Little Forgotten Top

This top is hidden on the pattern envelope. It is S2603. The cascade front knit jacket was the main seller. Along with the jacket is a little sleeveless knit top that only took a yard of fabric for my size. 

Someone (sorry I forgot who) did a post on this top and I knew I had the pattern. When I read that it only took a yard of fabric, I knew I had to give it a try. 

Here is how I styled it during the summer. White shorts with a cardigan for cool nights.

S2603 for knits only

You can see the neck detail. There is a neck band that needs to be interfaced. The front gathers give the top interest. Armholes are finished by turning under 5/8 inches and stitch down. I used my twin needle on all finishes. 
At you will find a tutorial in the month of September 2009 for how to attach the neckband in an efficient manner. 

I used a knit fabric from Walmart. It is not a very good quality, but I really like the polka dots! It was ok to use to try out the pattern, but I don't think the fabric will wear well. 
The directions are very clear (there aren't many). And again I follow the above mentioned tutorial for the neckband. I also, curved the side seams at the waist. I don't like a boxy fit on my body. 
Will I make it again? Yes, I did. I still need to hem it. Fall sewing has put it on the wait list. 
Now this B5495 was a wadder. First I cut the wrong size. I took this to the beach with me to sew. I realized that not only was it too small, but I forgot the pattern piece that pulls the front together. Well that pattern piece is just a rectangle shape. I drafted my own rectangle, but the whole top just did not work. I did not like the fabric. 
Will I try it again? Yes, I will. Most of the problems were my fault. 
  News from Dharmaville:
DD is made it safely to Indonesia to begin her service to the Peace Corp. She loves it. She is teaching English as a second language to high school girls. She told me that is totally used to seeing a whole family riding a motorcycle around the town! Washing her clothes by hand and hanging them on a wall to dry are keeping her busy.
DS started his first year at York College. He is playing lacrosse. His major is Secondary Education.
My brother and sister-in-law brought home their daughter from Ethiopia this summer. Sintayu celebrated her first birthday this month! It was a great time of fellowship. She is a sweet addition to our family.    
Our home is a little empty, but we are getting used to it!                                                    

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wardrobe Basics -- Turtleneck

The temps here on the east coast are in the high 70's! I am finishing a black turtle neck!!! Well, it is one of the "Wardrobe basics". The fabric I used is a ITY from I bought it last year. ITY is light weight, so this turtleneck can still be worn on a cool day.

The pattern I used is an old (very old) pamphlet I bought at JoAnns. The instructions are very easy. The whole top can be sewn on a serger. I used a narrow zig zag stitch. I also used a twin needle for the hems.

No alterations were needed. My sleeves do not have a separate band at the bottom.
This is such an easy top to make. Everything goes together nicely.
When I hem a knit, I first press the hem allowance up using a fusible tape. Next, I use my twin needle and the stretchy serger thread in the bobbin. This time I used two different color threads. In one needle I had black thread and in the other, I had beige. Due to the deeper hem pressed on the sleeves, I did a twin hem two times. I like the effect.
Here are a few ways I would style this top. I have it paired with the camel skirt and black long sweater cardi. Chunky gold necklace gives a pop of color.
The blue cashmere cardi is paired with the camel skirt and pearls finish the outfit.
I replaced the skirt with off-white pants. I think I might wear this to work on Monday if the temps cool down.
This is a fall style. I would wear this during November and December. I really like the combo of the turtleneck and the red cardi.
Next up is a white shirt. I am using this KS pattern. I know it is an older pattern, but I like it. The fabric I will be using is a stretch cotton. I still need to get buttons, but the pattern pieces are traced. I want to make a muslin to test the fit.
I have really enjoyed participating in the "Wardrobe Basics" sew along. I only made two pieces, but it kept me motivated to keep sewing through the daily stuff that comes into each day. I appreciate Lori and Lynne for leading those of us involved. Both of these ladies are great sewers!

What is happening in DHARMAVILLE
1. DD is leaving in two days for Indonesia. I would appreciate prayers for her safe travel and protection.
2. We just got back from Disney World. It was a wonderful family trip filled with many memories.
3. DS finally picked a college to attend in the fall. He will be playing on the lacrosse team.
4. DH has added baking to his interests. He has been making bagels!!

Until I post again----take care!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wardrobe Basics -- Skirt

I joined Lori's "Wardrobe Basics Sew a long". One of the pieces that was suggested was a camel/kakhi colored skirt. Well, I already had one cut out ready to sew. The pattern is New Look 6843.
The fabric has a herringbone type of texture. It is a fall/ winter fabric, but it is light weight. I think I can wear it into spring. It is a very easy pattern and the instructions are clear. I am not as pleased with the zipper application. I know what I need to do different the next time.
This was the first time I added lining to a skirt that did not call for lining. I am please with how the lining turned out. It really makes a difference in how the skirt hangs on my body. I will definitely be adding lining to all my skirts. I used lace hem tape to give it a finished look.
I love having my dress form. I enjoy styling outfits on it!!
Here is the skirt with the S2850. I wore this combo today. Brown tights and loafer high heels finished the style.
This cardigan is from Lands End. It is a great pop of color. I really love white tee-shirts. I have many long and short sleeve ones in my closet.
Here I added a giraffe scarf.
And now without the cardi.

I love wearing what I have sewed. First of all I know that it fits well. And second I enjoy the accomplishment of what I made.

News in Dharma-ville for February:
We had a going away party for my DD. Here on the east coast the weather has been like spring.
Temps have been in the 60's. We rented a tent room that had portable heaters. Well the date we
picked was the one day that the weather was windy and 30 some degrees!!
Everyone was eating with their coats on!!! We still has a great evening. My DD enjoyed seeing
college friends and family.
DD has a few more weeks before departing to Indonesia. I am trying to stay strong. It is hard. I
will miss her very very much.

A special thanks to Lori for organizing the Sew a long! Visit her blog to see what the other participants have accomplished.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome Back to Me!

Well it has been a couple of months, but I have been sewing. One of my resolutions for the New Year is to work on my "tech" skills. I want to post more without needing any help from my family. If something happens to the computer it is always blamed on me!! The next couple of months are busy due to the fact my DD is leaving in early April for Indonesia for 27 months. DD was accepted into the Peace Corp. She will be teaching English as a second language to middle school students. If anyone has any experience with the Peace Corp or Indonesia, please contact me. I would love to share the information with DD.

Ok on to sewing. I have had Simplicity 2850 cut for over a year. I decided to finish it in December.


One of the issues I have had since I started sewing, is that I did not have a good idea of how to understand inspiration. I know that might sound funny, but I would look at magazines, patterns, and all the finished clothes that fellow sews have blogged about and get totally over whelmed. While watching the last season of Project Runway, Michael Kors asked a contestant "Who is this woman?" Some thing clicked. I needed to ask myself a question or two when I viewed "inspiration". So the question I began to think about as I looked at magazines was "Am I this woman?" From there I made two inspiration posters.
I know that there is pinterst, but I needed to cut and paste. I put the posters in my sewing room. This helped my organize ideas. I really enjoyed this process. Most of the pictures are clothes that I would wear. Others are colors I love or shoes that I would like to purchase!
I started to make a camel colored skirt in December. I have made this pattern before, but I did not line it. So since I will be wearing this in the winter, I needed to learn how to add a lining to a skirt pattern. I really love this book. I like photos to go alone with text. This book delivers.
I put in a centered zipper. I used fusible tape and I also hand basted the zipper.

The pattern I used is New Look 6843. This is a very easy pattern.
Does this fabric look familar. A few bloggers used it to make tops. Well this is S2850. The problem I had with it was that the neck band stood away from the body. I am not sure if it was because the neck band is wide or if I stretched out the fabric as I sewed. I put the band in twice.
My solution was to gather the band right in the center front. I really like how it turned out. Also, I used sleeves from another pattern. I did not want the gathered puffy sleeve.
This post was a good beginning to a New Year!!!!