Thursday, June 5, 2014

Final Me Made May

Finished my commitment for Me Made May! 
This renewed my excitement for sewing. 

First is S2892.  This is an oldie, but I love it! It calls for woven fabric, but I made it out of jersey. 
The pink top is a S2603. This is a pattern that everyone was buying for the cardigan.The top could be missed, but it should not! This little one yard top is a great addition to my closet. 
Finally this is S2599. Well this was a hot mess from the beginning!! It was too big, so I took in the side seams. Then the back needed a sway back adjustment. It just was not feeling right, but I liked the style. So I continued to work on it and got it to the point of wearable.

I really enjoyed taking on this project. It was fun seeing everyone's pictures. I also found many new blogs. 
What did I learn? I need to make some skirts and try my hand at pants/shorts. Also, I took time to leave comments and make new friends!! 

One week and my daughter will be home!!!! She is packed, said her goodbyes to her school and students. I am so proud of what she accomplished.