Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Off-Teeth Out

Well our computer got a virus and is not working. I am posting from a lap top that does not have software to post pictures. Hopefully my DH will decide how we are going to fix the computer situation.

Today I took a family sick day from school because DS had all four of his wisdom teeth removed! Everything went fine. He was quite funny during recovery. He kept laughing, smiling and trying to talk. Of course, he needed to keep the gauze in his mouth, so talking was not permitted. Try to tell a teenager not to talk when they are loopy from anesthesia-not an easy task!!!

Well I have finished a pair of pj pants. I hope to work on my jacket while I am off taking care of DS.

Have you seen the March issue of In Style? Love the wedge shoes. Really, all the shoes look fabulous. I am intrigued with the Gucci clothes at the beginning of the magazine. White is a big color along with bright bold colors.

OK, I must take of DS!!


  1. I had all four impacted wisdom teeth removed at once! Everything went really smoothly till my mom insisted on giving me a great big milky smoothy despite the doctor telling me not to eat. I threw up through the stitches- yuck! It didn't do any harm, phew. Everything healed cleanly with no real pain.

    Nice to find your new sewing blog!

  2. Ouch, I hope he feels better soon. I remember when my mum had hers out, she kept trying to talk too! lol
    I look forward to seeing the pj's :)
    Ashley x

  3. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. The "redesign" was something I wanted to do for months and finally took the 10 minutes to take a photo and put it up. Ha! I'm LOVING wedges, too. I've pretty much resigned myself to wearing flats day-to-day with the exception of wedges. So comfy and perfect for spring and summer. Plus, I feel 7 feet tall, which is fun.

  4. Hope your computer is back and running soon!!!

  5. Wow all 4 wisdom teeth - he its my hero. I have 2 more to be removed and last year I went on a wedge sandal marathon and look forward to wearing them this summer.