Monday, December 21, 2009

Ski Bag Anyone?

I know many of you are familiar with this fabric. It is outwear fabric from JoAnn's. I believe that is was popular last winter.

The skis are my DS' Christmas present. He is going skiing after Christmas for four days. He is quite excited about these skis. He also got the poles and boots. Well, he wanted to keep the skis covered while traveling. This is where the above fabric comes into play.

DS asked me to make a bag for the really cool skis. So I remembered the outerwear fabric. I went to JoAnn's hoping to use my coupon, because the fabric was not on sale. I took all the fabric on the bolt. It was over 3yds. I was blessed. It was on sale and I got it for $6.00. I did not get to use my coupon, but it was a much better deal.

I measured and planned the pattern. It was 78 inches long and 26in. wide.

I sewed a casing at the top. I re-purposed nylon rope and stoppers from an old Land's End coat I had in my closet.

As you can see the bag works. DS loves it. I am sure he will be the only skier with this type of bag!!! I still have enough fabric to make a vest for myself.

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