Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Yes, we are living in a white wonderland!!! Just thought you might want to see a few more pictures of the beautiful 20 inches of snow that fell on Maryland Saturday. We stayed inside for the most part. DH and DS went out to try to keep the driveway clear, but it was a losing battle. Sunday, one of the neighbors with a snow-blower helped many tired shovelers.

The snow was nothing compared to the crazy atmosphere at the grocery store on Friday. Here in Maryland, if we think it is going to snow an inch, we are out buying bread, milk and toilet paper. Well, parking and getting a cart were almost impossible. I did make it inside the store and got enough food to last us through the storm.
DD is still taking final exams. She returns on Wednesday when another storm may hit here. I am praying that she can fly in without any problems.

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