Thursday, May 15, 2014

ME MADE Week 2

Here is week two! 

First is S4076 for the third time! I wore this with a pink cardigan.
I changed the sleeves. They have a pleat in the center of each sleeve cap.

Next is NL6843 skirt view E. This is made in a cotton print.

Last is S2369 view C.  This is made in a knit. 

The Simplicity top makes an appearance again. Usually the pink version would only be worn in the house, but because of my commitment, I decided to add a cardi and wear it while doing errands. So glad I did! It looked great.
What did I learn this week? Well, I am learning to play around with my camera and use some of the edit functions. Also, I am learning to be confident with wearing what I have made and not to focus on what might not be perfect.
On to week three!!


  1. Great job, Dharma, all three look great. Isn't is fun wearing all these garments we have made? I really am appreciating what I have made

  2. I especially love that New Look skirt, but it's so nice to see all of your makes over the month!