Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gray on Gray

Gray on Gray

I bought this fabric last fall at JoAnn's. The reason I bought it was that it had Modal as one of the fibers. I like the way modal feels on my skin. Also, the tee shirts that I have with modal seem to wear better. The knit is thin with a shimmer appearance.
The pattern I used is a oop S038. There are three types of turtlenecks to make in sizes S,M,L. I made a fold-over neck band version. The sleeves are hemmed-no wrist band.

 Instructions are very easy and this is a quick sew. No changes were necessary. My inspiration was this Coach ad! I love the gray top with the gray coat. Classy!!
 My styling was to layer a gray cardigan over the top. Black pants or skirt to accompany it!
 I got an idea from marionberry.blogspot to layer necklaces to give a fresh look to an outfit. So this is what I came up with!! I like the look!

The down side to this piece is that the knit was very stretchy and thin. After wearing it two times I already have signs of wear-age under the arms. The fabric sewed up well, but I am not sure of the quality. I will be very picky as to what I buy at JoAnn's. I buy fabric on line, but sometimes when you see fabric it persuades you to buy it!!!
This is pattern that I have and will make up in the future. We just got through a number of snow storms here on the east coast and I am always cold!!!


  1. Nice shirt! I loved what you wrote on my blog post about enjoying every moment ironing!!! :)

    1. Thanks Kyle. Every comment encourages me to keep blogging!!!