Monday, March 2, 2015

New Look 6230

Well happy March everyone! If you are on the east coast, March is promising warmer temps and plenty of sunshine. The one good thing about February's weather was that I had plenty of time to sew due to the snow and bitter temperatures.
I was not very sure if this top was going to make it to a wearable. 

 The neck edge was too wide for my liking. Here you can see that I did find a solution and it did make it into my closet.

 While roaming pattern review, I noticed that the McCalls pattern that is like this had darts in the sleeves. So I trolled around reading up on sleeve darts and decided to try it. It worked. Now I must tell you that my sleeves are a double layer of knit. My front and back pieces are a little heavier than the sleeve fabric and I was worried that the inequality of the two pieces would be evident once it was on my body. 
 That is a 3 1/2 in dart in the middle of the sleeve piece. 
 I slashed the dart because of the double layers of fabric. I did not need all that bulk at the neck edge.
 I tried to get a close up so you could see the difference in the two fabrics. The sleeves are a soft light grey color and the front and back are white. I had to  recalculate my neck binding piece. I measured the finished edge and cut the band 3/4 of that measurement. This idea came from a tutorial from Grainline studio. The band was cut wider (2 1/4 inches).

I made a size 14 and the instructions were very easy. The neck edge might be a game changer for some. I hope my ideas on how to make it smaller help someone out. Both fabrics were from Fabric Mart. I most likely will not make this again. I usually don't wear raglan sleeve tops. I know this style has been popular along with color blocking. That is why I tried it. Due to cold weather, I have not had a chance to wear it. 
Next  up is V8950. I am using a light and dark purple knit fabrics. 
Thanks for following along. Your comments are always encouraging! 


  1. I think you worked a perfect solution and I do like this top. I just made the McCall's pattern with the darts, I am hoping that this works well for Meredith. I can't wait to see the Vogue pattern made up, I have that pattern and have been looking for the perfect fabric!

    1. Thank you Lori. I am sure Meredith will love the cute top you made her. I am looking forward to seeing the Vogue top put together soon :)

  2. Pretty top and what a great solution. Must keep that technique in mind.

    1. Thank you Sheila. I am so thankful for the internet where we can find information so quickly.

  3. Hi, I have just recently made this top and wish I had found this first. The dart is a great idea!

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