Sunday, October 31, 2010

You call em Neck Rings- I call em Scarves

Inside the Oct/Nov issue of Vogue patterns mag were instructions for "neck rings".

I did not have any splashy scarves to wear with my black wool coat and I got inspired by the neck rings.

First, I saw this sweater like knit and I liked the color combination. Two years ago, I made a Jalie top with the same type of knit from JoAnn's, but it did not wear well. The front of the top got that worn pilly look to it. So, I did not want to put the time into a top, but I thought it would make a lovely accessory for my coat.

Next, while browsing I found this furry zebra fabric that I feel in love with. I had no idea how you would sew a garment with it, but boy I knew it would make a knock out scarf!

Well this little gal was to be my parting shot! This is Audrey our beagle. She was watching me as I took the pics of the coat/scarves. She is a rescue beagle and she is very shy. If anyone has any suggestions on how to bring her out of her shell, please let me know!

Here is the scarf with the coat-WOW-I love it! I usually don't get that excited about animal prints, but this just called me!!!! My DD (college) even liked it. You know you have a hit when your DD likes it.

Here is the fabric close up and personal. It has these stringy pieces that stick out from the base fabric.
These neck rings/scarves are so quick to make. They would make great gifts for Christmas. I already bought fabric to make my co-teacher scarves for her birthday.


  1. That fabric is perfect for the "neck ring". I call it a scarf also. I can appreciate why you thought this would be perfect this.

    Thanks for the well wishes regarding my wrist; it seems to be getting better day by day.

  2. I may have to try one of those neck warmers. And as for your shy dog: Good Luck.